Card of the Day – Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands


The Knight of Wands is a card that represents extreme amounts of energy. However, this energy is not always for the best. The Tarot Bible says that the Knight of Wands represents “The Gift of the Gab” and a tendency for telling white lies. However sometimes telling those white lies can “…help the process unfold, or to serve the needs of the other without hurting them.” (Tarot Bible, Sarah Bartlett, 2009).

The Knight of Wands is also a representation of the vivacity of life and to enjoy the enthusiastic and charismatic energy of life right now. Enjoying the flow of life and expressing your joy by doing something different and outside of your comfort zone is what the Knight of Wands is all about in the ‘you now’ position.

This card is all about the “act now think later” lifestyle. This can be fun for a while, but is not to be counted on later or for future life decisions.

Initial Response

My initial response is always “That makes sense” in the current situation or the tone of my day. Still, having a little excitement in my life in the form of an energetic beau, or some new adventures is always a welcome distraction from my hum-drum, day-to-day life.

My Day with this Card

My day was very fitting for this card. This day (which was Friday the 18th, but I haven’t had time to post this here.) was the day I went to see the Royal Queensland Show, The Exhibition, or the EKKA (as we locals call it).

This card personifies the Ekka perfectly. The energy, the food, the people, the entertainment. It’s all about the country coming to the city and us city folk enjoying seeing the best of the year’s harvest. The Bulls, the horses, the produce, all of it can be graded and awarded.

The spontaneity of my day was a welcome reprieve from having to plan out my days precisely. Friday was a day to let loose and enjoy the Ekka. Which I did, and ate way too much ice cream. I’d say that the Knight of Wands and I had a smashing time together.

Blessed be Friends.


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